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After defensive backs coach Duane Akina shockingly left for the University of Arizona in a lateral coaching move, Mack Brown hired Jerry Gray. Less than a month later, Gray left the Longhorns to take the defensive coordinator position with the Tennessee Titans. Now, another surprising move has been made...and it can't get weirder than this.

Duane Akina has decided to return to Austin and reclaim his position as the Longhorns DBs coach.

"Duane Akina alerted Coach Stoops and myself this morning that he would be returning to Texas due to family considerations," stated Arizona AD Greg Byrne's twitter account. Byrne's twitter account went on to say, "Although disappointed because of the commitment we had made we respect Coach Akina’s decision based on family."

"I'm not happy that I had to put both of these institutions in this situation," Akina stated in a press release earlier today. "It's been a tough month for me and my family making these decisions. Any time you have younger children, it becomes a very difficult decision and that was the driving force behind this decision."

"We are disappointed," Stoops said. "We were excited to have Duane on our staff. We respect his decision and wish the best for him and his family."

Though it is like nothing has changed since Akina was coaching at Texas one month ago, this was Mack Brown's seventh coaching hire during the offseason.