It's not hard to fall under Leo's Fortune's charm.

Leo's Fortune a Welcome Change From Open World Adventures (Game Review)

Sometimes you just need a fun plaformer and Leo's Fortune provides an entertaining break from the status quo.

Between the open worlds of “Metal Gear Solid,” “Mad Max” and “The Witcher 3” it is nice to find a game that isn't an open worlder. I like being able to take a break from those sprawling maps, while also feeding my nostalgic love of platform games.

“Leo’s Fortune” is a charming little side-scroller that is a nice relaxing change from the harsh landscapes that usually fill my gaming time. It has sensibilities built around “Sonic The Hedgehog” and some simple puzzle elements that allow for a pleasant gaming experience.

The story follows adorable, mustached-fur ball, adventurer, Leopold. Leo’s gold is stolen from him one day, so he begins the adventure to find out who is the culprit behind the snatched funds. Leo bounces, floats, swims and pushes across several varied landscapes in order to find his fortune. Luckily the thief has left a trail of gold that helps Leo track the loot.

Leo mainly suspects his family for the theft. Several of his family members have a sorted past and Leo isn't able to dismiss his curiosity, until he confronts each of them to get closer to his lost fortune.

This is an HD remake of a game made popular on iOS and Android devices. The HD version looks really nice and polished at 1080p. Leo’s fortune features 24 levels filled with all the things that you would expect from a good platfomer.

All the puzzles are physics-based and get tougher as you go along but never become annoying or impossible. The scenery changes throughout and doesn't allow the game to feel stale. “Leo’s Fortune” heavily pays homage to “Sonic The Hedgehog,” as well. There are tunnels that you pick up speed through, that wind around and send Leo flying out the other end. The collection of coins in these tunnels was very much like collecting rings throughout the game featuring our favorite blue hedgehog.

“Leo’s Fortune” is a cool platformer. I fully expected the fur ball to have a squeaky cartoon voice. However, the game takes its characters very seriously, for example Leo is voiced by someone who sounds very mature and Russian and that does a lot to add to his character. The addition of a serious voice acting and a involved plot takes you by surprise considering the main character looks like an adorable Pixar character.

“Leo’s Fortune” is currently out on all platforms for $6.99.