Originally conceived by Terrell, Linda Hughes of Fuzebox photography, Polly Parsons (daughter of late singer, songwriter Gram Parsons), and the freelance makeup/hair duo of Bobbi Douglas and Kelli Willson –the team has continuously nurtured this project to become an advocate for creative inspiration and imagination.

“He said, I have an idea. And I said, well I have friends,” noted Hughes in describing beginning stages. As the co-founder of Austin Fusion Magazine, she utilized her contacts to form a team that promotes every aspect of the local fashion industry, simultaneously evoking its uniquely collaborative efforts. A talented photographer in her own right, Hughes captured models in distinct poses and facial expressions unique to the character’s mindset, where Terrell then painted each selected frame to hence reveal The Royal Court of Ashes.

Model Lucy Secord as “The Duchess” ©2012 Charlie Terrell

“I don’t consider myself a model. I consider myself an actress and I pull my acting into my modeling,” said Eight (identified by her stage name), embodying “The Surgeon” role. “What drew me to it was Charlie’s work. What exited me was the character,” she continued. Moving from Los Angeles, Eight has steadfastly grown a modeling career through her tenacity for artistic concept, much like Terrell – whom she says prefers the images “to be real and effective…until you get that spark of genius that you would have never gotten if you were afraid.”

Model Eight as “The Surgeon” Source: Charlie Tarrell & Linda Hughes/Its-Eight Darling Facebook

This element of pushing personal boundaries is seemingly met with every participant, as SixChel designer Dina Chavez has utilized. “I couldn’t draw, I couldn’t sketch, I could not come up with an idea,” she says. However, in constructing both “The Queen” and “Jester” costumes unique towards her own esthetic, Chavez remains all the wiser, elaborating that these developments have “helped me get out of my creative mental block.”

“I have had to create some things that never really existed,” said Lars Wolfsheild, acting multiple roles as fellow designer, stylist, and model. “I knew he (Terrell) needed to go further, to the next level, and what we are doing now is elevating his work by adding more dynamic.”

Thus with the showcase fast approaching, many more continue working to ensure Terrell’s detailed vision is perfectly executed. “This series is exactly what I needed to challenge my abilities as a theatrical makeup artist,” said Douglas. “Charlie constantly challenges me to take it past what I think I’m capable of.”

The Royal Court of Ashes will be held this Friday, October 26, at the Blackheart (86 Rainey St. Austin). Tickets are available online here or at the front, opening at 8 p.m.

Presented by 11:11 Events, coordinator Susannah Mikulin says “I expect people to be wowed from their first step in the door [until] they leave. With so many different aspects of art coming together, this event promises to be one to remember."

Masquerade attire is encouraged and Terrell’s paintings will be on sale during the show.

Entertainment provided by Les RAV, Holy Fiction, and DJ Hexum.

For more information, please visit the Royal Court of Ashes on Facebook, and see this ongoing collaborative feature between "Austin Fusion" and "AMFM Magazine".

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