This is the last week for the Austin institution Red 7. Sure, there are other shows in other venues this week...but why would you go to any of those?
Aug 20, 2015
So much live music, so little time.
Aug 13, 2015
There are plenty of hot shows to keep you cool this week.
Jul 23, 2015
All the live music you could want, need, or ask for.
Jul 16, 2015
Whiskey Shivers play Empire Control Room on Friday, January 3!

Austin Live Weekly: January 2 - January 8 (FREE WEEK EDITION)

James Roberts kicks off 2014 with his top picks for Free Week in Austin! Each show listed is free of charge!
Whiskey Shivers play Empire Control Room on Friday, January 3!

Thursday, January 2

Ugly Elephant at Flamingo Cantina
Whether you’re one of those intellectual types that likes standing at the back of the room to analyze the technical prowess of the band or you prefer to disregard thought and just let the groove take you to wherever it’s going to take you, there’s something to love and enjoy with these avant garde funksters. This show will surely put a kick in your step as you move into the weekend.

Friday, January 3

Whiskey Shivers at Empire Control Room
It’s impossible not to love these bluegrass boys. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the banjo and the fiddle, but I can’t hear Whiskey Shivers without wanting to swing my partner round and round while waving my hat in the air. Their energy is just that infectious. I’d wager it’s impossible for even the most jaded and cynical hipster to resist giving these guys a hoot and holler of approval after one or two songs. Definitely a must see, especially if you’ve never seen them.

Saturday, January 4

Ashes of Babylon, Flamingo Cantina
Hey, I get it. Reggae’s not for everybody. That’s cool, I guess. But there’s a lot to love about this crew and if you let them, they’ll take you on a groove-tastic voyage of sonic intensity that might just move your soul and your feet. Also? Those horns are undeniable. So smooth. So saxy. Spark one up and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be irie mon.

Sunday, January 5

Vegatron, Mohawk
Loud, abrasive, thunderous, and pretty much everything rock and roll should be. Nothing flashy about these guys, just a no frills kick in the balls that will leave you begging for more. Imagine if Motorhead played a slower, crunchier style and you’ll have an idea about how these guys bring it.

Monday, January 6

Chris King and the Liberators, The Sahara Lounge
This New Braunfels-based singer-songwriter seems poised to make his mark on the Texas folk-country scene. His heartfelt lyrics recall the likes of Bruce Robison with sensibilities for a younger generation. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to end your Monday and ease your way back into the week than with his smooth Americana style.

Tuesday, January 7

Old Salt Union, Stubb’s BBQ
This Illinois-based new grass quintet has a lot going for them. They manage to capture all that is great about bluegrass while evolving the style to fit a more modern sound. Fans of the Avett Brothers or Mumford and Sons would do well to take note of these guys for a lesson in authenticity. Expect some serious mandolin and ukulele action when you seeing these guys.

Wednesday, January 8

The Ripe, Mohawk
The Ripe ooze with the kind of 60’s era folk-psychedelia style that sounds straight out of the garage. It helps that their album, Into Your Ears, was recorded with Abbey Road era equipment which gives their overall vibe an authenticity that’s missing from many of the garage revivalists from the past decade. No frills or gimmicks here, just a good ol’ fashioned tried and true sound that cannot be denied.

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