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Ray Bodden

Texas officially a 'majority-minority' state says U.S. Census statistics

The U.S. Census Bureau released statistics showing that 55.2 percent of Texas is non-white, giving the state a "majority-minority" status.
Ray Bodden

With more than half the population being a non-white 55.2 percent, Texas joins New Mexico, California, Hawaii, and Washington D.C. with a "majority-minority" status, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Majority-minority is a legal term used to describe a U.S. state that has a racial composition of less than 50 percent white. The Census Bureau defines individuals who are considered 'white' as non-Hispanics who have family origins in Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

All 50 states had increases in the number of Hispanic children, but out of all the counties in the nation, Webb County (96.9 percent) and Maverick County (96.4 percent), both in Texas, had the highest and second highest percentage of minority populations.

"The shift in Texas to become a majority-minority is unsurprising,” Dr. Mary Beltran, a professor of Mexican American studies at UT-Austin. “We've known for a long time that we were headed in that direction.”

Population grew more in Texas than in any other state since 2010, with an increase in 80,000 people. The African-American population also grew more in Texas than any other state since with an increase of 84,000.

In the year 2000, 43 percent of Texas children younger than 18 were non-Hispanic white. In 2010, that number went down to about 34 percent. The new numbers in 2011 shows that percentage continuing to fall, as only 30% of Texas children under age five are non-Hispanic white.

With the release of new population percentages, the study estimates that trend will continue to spread over the nation for in 2011, 50 percent of babies younger than one year old were a minority race. With these statistics, Texans will have to consider how population and minority increases will change their future.

“For me, it mainly brings up the striking, ongoing marginalization of Mexican Americans in Texas,” said Dr. Beltran. “We're still seldom the political leaders. We're not a bilingual state, and so on. Being the majority doesn't translate to political power or even equality in this case.”

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