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SG Midterm: PCL now open 24 hours, 5 days a week

This is the first installment of the The Horn’s SG Midterm series. The Horn takes a look at UT’s largest student governance organization six months after its latest crop of elected leaders began their yearlong term.

UT students no longer have to wait around for finals to study all night in the Perry-Castañeda Library. Monday, Oct. 15, marked the start of the long-awaited “24/5” operational hours. At 8 p.m. sharp that night, Student Government president Thor Lund and vice president Wills Brown announced the change over the intercom to the entire building.

“Twenty-four hour PCL access was a campaign promise we made and in conjunction with the offices of the provost and student affairs, Student Government, UT Libraries, and the Texas Exes. Student Government is happy to make this student-led initiative a reality,” Lund said in the announcement.

I think it's great … I'm surprised the library wasn't 24 hours from long before.

— Imran Quayum, UT sophomore

According to Brown, funding for the new operational hours came from a variety of entities, including the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost (which oversees UT Libraries) and the Division of Student Affairs, each of which contributed $10,000; the Texas Exes, which contributed $5,000; and the Student Services Budget Committee, which contributed $20,000. These funds will cover the costs of extra electricity, maintenance service and security.

To celebrate, SG hosted a kickoff party in the PCL commons. Free pizza, t-shirts, a gift card raffle and other freebies attracted about 300 students to the event and at one point, the line for party extended into the PCL courtyard.

“I think it's great … it really will give me more of an opportunity to study longer,” said sophomore Imran Quayum. “Sometimes I get tired of studying in my room and want to be at the library on campus. I'm surprised the library wasn't 24 hours from long before.”

According to Travis Willmann, communications officer for UT Libraries, the library was operating at a 24/5 schedule up until 2002. Lack of funding and attendance ultimately resulted in the eventual reduction of hours, but he praised Thor and Wills for their determination to bring it back.

“They have really been the driving force behind all of this. It's still only a pilot program, but they have been working super hard to get the necessary funding to keep it alive,” WIllmann said. “We fully support their efforts and hope that this changes from a pilot program to a full on year round thing.”

Willmann explained that since funding is so crucial to keep this program running, PCL will only work on a 24/5 system for half of each semester, midterms to finals. If permanent funding, which Lund and Brown still currently seek, can be provided to have it run for an entire year, and peer attendance is high, the schedule will remain 24/5, he said.

Graphic by Matt Portillo

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