The University held a press conference this afternoon to announce the resignation.

Mack Brown resigns

Amidst poor performance and political protest, Mack Brown stuns Longhorn Nation with his surprising decision.

By far, the most shocking news of the offseason hit the newswire today. In a sudden turn of events, Mack Brown has decided to step down as the head coach of the University of Texas.

“It was a tough decision, but I need to move on,” Brown said. “I wish I could have gone out after a better season and on better terms, but this is just the way it is.”

The Longhorns have had an extremely busy off-season hiring six new coaches. The most surprising news of the off-season will mark the end of an era for burnt orange nation.

“I’ve spent a lot of time this offseason putting together a great coaching staff. Now, that the new look staff is intact, I can say goodbye.”

Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds has announced Major Applewhite as Brown’s replacement. Bryan Harsin will now be the sole offensive coordinator for the Longhorns.

“We were all startled by his decision. I mean…no one saw it coming,” DeLoss Dodds said. “But, we have to move on and we all at Texas thank Coach Brown for his success here and wish him the best.”

What was left unsaid, however, was the controversy over Brown's additional pay raise. A report from within the UT Athletic Department claim the University insisted Brown accept another raise of $2 million. Brown declined, stating the money should be used to assist students in need of financial aid.

"They absolutely refused," said the source. "Brown was told he offers a greater financial return to the University, whose primary interest at the moment is to increase revenue," he said.

This left Brown unsettled and he resigned in protest. More than ever, the budget is a hot-button issue and currently being debated by the Texas Legislature.

The question remains what will become of the suddenly available funds left after his departure. Brown is hoping students will be the main beneficiary.

"That's what I'd do," he said. "But right now, all we know is Happy April Fools' Day!"