The University of Texas has new practice jerseys, and they're very different from the traditional look of the Longhorns (see below).

There has been plenty of controversy regarding the new uniforms, their unique appearance, and many Longhorn fans are uneasy about deviating from the classic Texas football uniform. However, by way of the University of Texas Equipment twitter page, the Longhorns said they only plan to use these new jerseys for training camp and practice this upcoming fall.

"We plan to alternate each week so all players will get to wear the different combinations," stated the twitter account.

Though the public's perception of the new practice uniforms has been mostly negative, a source within the program informed me that the players very much like the new apparel.

Nike and the University of Texas have been trying to create a contemporary Texas football jersey without messing with Texas tradition and the classic uniforms. After some time, they found a middle ground with these new practice uniforms while leaving the game-day uniforms untouched.

Do you like them? Hate them? Let us know what you think!

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